Sunday, June 05, 2005

Innovate - What Can You Learn from a Cell Phone? Almost Anything!
This article is from the Innovate Journal of Online Education. You will need to create an account to access it (Free). The article is by Marc Prensky who has written extensively on digital immigrants and digital natives. The article is largely a review of where mobile phones fit as learning tools. It contains this quote:
"As usual, students are far ahead of their teachers on this. The first educational use they have found (in large numbers) for their cell phones is retrieving information on demand during exams. Educators, of course, refer to this as "cheating." They might better serve their students by redefining open-book testing as open-phone testing, for example, and by encouraging, rather than quashing, student innovation in this and other areas. Let me state definitively that I am not in favor of cheating. I am in favor of adjusting the rules of test-taking and other educational practices in a way that fosters student ingenuity and creativity in using learning tools and that supports learning rather than administration."

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