Wednesday, December 28, 2005

firstaidpod podcast
This site contains audio files for some first aid situations, including adult, child and infant resuscitation. choking, drowning and bleeding will be launched soon. Personally, I am not convinced that audio is the best way to remind people what they need to do in the event of a first aid emergency.

Addition (added 6 Jan 2006): I received the following comment from Eric W., the Producer:
You suggest www.firstaidpod.com is delivering audio files.
Actually, this is true, but, they are ENHANCED PODCASTS, .m4a audio files that have embedded graphic -- and, in the manner we utilize, some very basic animation.
If you subscribe to our Podcasts within iTUNES (for offload to iPOD), and make sure you have VIEW GRAPHICS enabled (lower left hand corner of iTUNES; one of those four unnamed buttons), you will see the graphics that accompany the audio (including animation).
This also allows for a visual reference of moving between Chapters (to repeat steps), based on the Chapter naming convention.
There is also a free eBOOK version for download from www.firstaidpod.com -- which sits in the NOTES section of an iPOD for those who prefer to read (and, it has better branching abilities).

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