Friday, December 09, 2005

Innovate - Taking a Journey with Today's Digital Kids: :
This is an interview with Deneen Frazier Bowen looking at how technology should be used in schools. The message is just as applicable to those of us who work with adults rather than kids. I recommend (if you have broadband) to view the webcast referred to in the article (although you might want to skip partd of it as it is very long). A couple of great quotes:
"Our report showed that although teachers increased their technology skills and technology integration in the curriculum, students saw no changes. For students, using more technology made no difference; the difference they sought was at the design and access levels. Teachers still designed the learning task and only provided access to those technologies with which they were comfortable. Students seek a change in process, not just the automation of a traditional one. I created this presentation because I believe we need to address this perception gap by developing systemic mechanisms for asking students questions, listening with students, and acting with students to bring teachers and students closer together as partners in the learning process."
"If teachers in the classroom do not possess that openness, the chances of students wanting to learn are slim to none. Instead of teachers, let?s call them lead learners. Every great teacher I have ever had has always talked about how much they learn from their students."

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