Tuesday, January 31, 2006

wwwtools for teachers:
A website of links about handheld computing, with the following introduction:
"Handheld computers find themselves in an interesting position along the hardware continuum - somewhat more mature, powerful and fully-featured than the mobile phones we looked at last time round, yet less like a desktop computer than the notebooks and laptops, they seem poised to finally take their place as uniquely versatile tools for education. Rob Reynolds identifies ' Handheld Convergence' among Technology Trends for the New Year (FutureMeter: January 02, 2006), with high hopes that Macromedia's Flash Lite 2.0 technology will facilitate the distribution of Rich Internet Applications such as simulations and quizzes to handheld devices. The conclusion must be that in 2006 there should be expanding opportunities for providing educational content on handhelds.
In this edition of WWWTools for Education, we look at past and present uses of handheld computers in educational environments, with some indications of directions for the future."

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