Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mashup anyone?:
Mashup is a word that I hav enoticed on a number of weblog posts recently. This post has reference (and a definition) of the word:
"We can now acquire our information in any manner that we desire. Learning, seen as content consumption, doesn't fit this model anymore. Learners piece together (connect) various content and conversation elements to create an integrated (though at time contradictory) network of issues and concerns. Our learning and information acquisition is a mashup. We take pieces, add pieces, dialogue, reframe, rethink, connect, and ultimately, we end up with some type of pattern (meme?) that symbolizes what's happening 'out there' and what it means to us. And it changes daily. "
A number of writers are challanging us all to think about the depth of change that this implies for education.

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