Sunday, May 28, 2006

Which tool should I use for e-learning
This week, I have been reading a number of items that are making me think about which tools are best for e-learning.

Sean Fitzgerald has posted about the most appropriate tool to support the new network focused on Web 2.0 technology. His points to a wide range of tools that could be used for establishing a learning community.

Two of the best tools around are blogs and wikis. Vicki Davis posted about her students' views about the simmilarities diferences between blogs and wikis, best summarised by "They see wikis as a place to share information and they see blogs as a place to share opinions and discuss".

Another perspective on the way tools are being used (and therefore the tools themselves) was a post by Tony Karrer, who argues there is a shift away from pure courseware to reference hybrids. This arises from making use of tools such as Captivate.

Tagging has some potential uses when trying to condut an e-learning program. Tagging to organise content provides a number of suggestions for using tags. Bill Ives provides some views on the when to use tagging and when to use searching. Tony Karrer resonds to Bill's posting and there are a number of interesting comments as well.

Finally, we all know that Email forms a critical component of communication in any learning group. Seth Gottlieb has posted discussing the issue of managing Email attachments. A number of comments challenge his idealistic view of the world.

For all of the posts I have read this week go to: http://del.icio.us/peterlec.

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