Sunday, August 13, 2006

End of Learning Management Systems?

Questions have been raised for some time about the educational value of Learning Management Systems. The granting of a patent to Blackboard can only hasten this questioning if they successfully sue every LMS producer in the world. I listened to a great podcast (mp3 15M) this week from James Farmer which was a recording of a presentation that he made at an education.au seminar What's Changed held in August 4 in Sydney. James is the founder of edublogs.org, the largest educational blogging community on the web. He outlines a vision of the post LMS world.

Tony Karrer also posted in the last week on the same theme in a posting entitled Course and Courseware fading - the Future of elearning.

The Future of Higher Education article that was published in Educause discusses some of the implications of the information age for higher education. The article describes a vision of Community Learning Centres and certainly challenges the idea that Higher Education institutions can rest on their reputations and existing technologies.

Gartner also identifies that web 2.0 technology is one of the key technologies to watch in the next few years.

At this point, I am not convinced to abandon the Learning Management System I am using (Moodle) but I can see that I could be using in quite different ways in the next 12 months.

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