Sunday, September 10, 2006

Are you using Wikis enough?
I recently listed to a podcast from Tony Whitingham where he argues that all TAFE managers should be regularly using wikis. I have occasionally used wikis but Tony challenged me to think about using them more frequently. I checked my delicious bookmarks and realised that I have 20 sites which I had tagged with wiki. A review of a number of these sites demonstrate a wide range of uses from summary of a topic to reference material (e.g. procedures) as well as meeting notes. It can also be used as a portfolio of work (example).

Exploring the world of wikis provides some good advice on using wikis, written for non-profit organisations. It categorises wikis as public, protected and private. It lists a wide range of wiki services that can be used to set up wikis.

I also have realised that wikipedia had become an essential part of the my life. Whenever, I have to research a new topic, it is a great starting point, although like most encylopedias it is never complete.

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